Making your yearbook a selling success

By: Allison Vincent, Marketing Coordinator at a Milestone Group

Your yearbook is coming together, and your yearbook staff has been hard at work making it look incredible and covering all of the various events throughout the year. Now it’s time to show off all of that hard work and get it into the hands of your students! 

It can be difficult to get the attention your yearbook needs to generate sales through all the buzz of everyday school life. Questions like, ‘How do you get the word out?’ ‘How do you ensure that every student has all the information that they need about this yearbook?’ ‘How do you reach every family?’ ‘Their parents?’ ‘How do you reach those who might want to advertise in your book?’ may be running through your head…

Below, you will find some tips, tricks and ideas to promote and sell your yearbook. 

Promote your yearbook on social media

Your students are using social media everyday (probably all day, every day)!  Use this as an opportunity to blast information out about the yearbook. Students and their parents follow your school’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram page for important information. To build excitement around the yearbook, post a picture of a completed page, give shout-outs to students featured in the book, host a competition between classes for yearbook sales and much more! Make sure to post your yearbook store link, price and deadline date on any posts that you can. 

Use our “How To” social media guide for information and tips.

Send email blast to parents

Email is an effective way to reach parents about your yearbook. Keep the email short and simple with all of the information and a link to the online storefront. Contact your account executive for help with a template. 

Hang posters and flyers around the school

Creating and distributing print marketing materials around your school will help remind students of the yearbook everyday, and will also allow parents to see them during times they are in the school. Hang these posters in the hallways, classrooms, library, gym, entryway, parent drop-off line, etc. Make sure you print enough to hand out to students/parents at events!

Use these flyers and graphics to print and hang up, include in emails, and post on your blog or on social media.

Use your schools “marketing” resources 

Your school has its own newsletter, email blast system, social media, announcements, handouts, website, etc. Use these tools and resources to spread the word about your yearbook. Examples include: posting an ad on the school website, announcing yearbook sales over the school PA system or local radio station, placing an ad in your school newsletter, linking the storefront on the school’s website and much more! Remember to have a clear call to action, and make sure you are posting the storefront link whenever possible. 

A yearbook is a snapshot of memories to keep and use to reminisce for many years to come. Now that you have some ideas, get out and put some of these ideas into action to make this the best yearbook selling experience yet!