A better way to yearbook.

Our Vision

A thriving culture at every school.

Our Mission

We help students thrive through solutions that strengthen school culture and community.

Milestone Yearbooks is a division of A Milestone Group with a mission to help students thrive through solutions that strengthen school culture and community.

In 2014 a group of sales representatives from the yearbook industry formed a company called A Momentus Group, specializing in high school yearbooks. In 2019, the group joined forces with Picaboo Yearbooks CEO, Bill Miles, and rebranded to become Milestone Yearbooks. The group still keeps its promise to find better solutions and reinvent school memories in the high school market.

Our Values


Quality & Speed

Provide high schools with best-in-class technology to design and print high-quality books in record time.


Celebrate Achievement

Empower high school students to celebrate their achievements in new and innovative ways.


Think Differently

Encourage students and teachers to think differently and challenge the norms that have been in place for generations.


Support Journalism

Innovate and support education in journalism.


Future Forward

Be the future of school memories.

Our Schools

We work with high school yearbook and journalism advisers who expect professional grade software, extensive service and extended printing and cover options.

“Throughout my own process of creating a yearbook with Milestone Yearbooks, my editors and I have benefited from frequent personal visits, summer workshops, and easy access to a designer and the sales team.”

Kelly Carlson, Mt. Horeb High School

“Milestone Yearbooks allowed us to set a reasonable budget and keep our books affordable for our students. We went from being thousands of dollars in debt to being back in the black and able to purchase cameras and technology we could not otherwise afford.”

James Webb, Ames High School

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