• Beyond the Halls: Highlighting Student Activities Outside of School

    Sometimes it can feel like you spend your entire life at school – from early morning sports practice to afternoon club meetings. But the truth is, a lot goes on off-campus, and your yearbook should reflect that. Students do a lot in their spare time, from volunteering to vacationing and everything in between. Because yearbooks […]

  • Creative Yearbook Sales Strategies

    All this talk about creative yearbook sales may be tough if you don’t feel like a “creative person,” but you don’t need to be! Sometimes the most effective sales strategy for the yearbook is to just talk about it… A LOT. Talk about the yearbook early, always and often. Create a sense of urgency and […]

  • Ten Content Ideas for Senior Books

    What group is more deserving of its own yearbook than the senior class? Special senior books are a great way to give seniors the send off they deserve, with content catered to and about them, and it’s a token of their time spent in high school that they will keep forever. If you’re considering creating […]

  • Making your yearbook a selling success

    By: Allison Vincent, Marketing Coordinator at a Milestone Group Your yearbook is coming together, and your yearbook staff has been hard at work making it look incredible and covering all of the various events throughout the year. Now it’s time to show off all of that hard work and get it into the hands of […]

  • Milestone Yearbooks Seeing Strong Interest in Yearbooks as it Prepares to Deliver Record Volume

    HANOVER, NH While schools continue to struggle to get back to “normal”, Milestone Yearbooks is experiencing strong interest from its customers to document this unique year in the school’s yearbook.  In addition, Milestone Yearbooks is receiving a record number of inquiries from schools that are seeking a more flexible, modern approach to yearbook creation and […]